21 May 2011

The Beech

Title: The Beech
Date Written: September 2010
Notes: My entry for a Creative Writing competition, on Juliet Marillier Café.

The text couldn't be more than 1000 words and had to include all four of these objects:
* A pool of water
* A flower or plant
* A flame or fire
* The north wind

The Beech
The Beech stood tall in the clearing. Around it only its fallen leaves and a few weeds could be seen. Here and there a rock peeked under the yellowed foliage. And outside the clearing the forest spread, oaks and rowans mingled with other beeches, but none as great as The Beech.

20 May 2011

Hello World

Hello everyone!

This blog will be home for my writings. I'll try to post regularly, but beware, most of what is post is unedited, and never read by anyone but me.

Feel free to comment. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.